Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: principiul legalității

Principiul legalităţii – „azi îl vedem, și nu e”sau in claris fit interpretatio
The article pleads for compliance with the principle of legality, considering that the law has a certain degree of relativity, determined by its very interpretable character. Noticing this vulnerability of the law, the courts, in particular, experience the subtle limit between interpretation and legal creation, attempting to embrace the role of legislative authority. Often, ignoring the first side of the principle of legality – compliance exact...
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Examen critic asupra Deciziei Înaltei Curţi de Casaţie și Justiţie, Completul pentru dezlegarea unor chestiunide drept, nr. 66 din 1 octombrie 2018 privind întinderea reevaluării ofertelor de către autorităţile contractante
The article analyzes critically the decision rendered by the Panel ruling on points of law of the High Court of Cassation and Justice no. 66/2018 according to which the contracting authority invested with the re-evaluation of tenders following the legality control exercised by the National Council for Solving Complaints and/or the court has the possibility of checking all the technical elements and the financial aspects of the offer capable of ...
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