Articole de la același autor Dr. Ionuț COFARU

Considerente cu privire la necesitatea săvârșirii faptei de contrafacere cu intenţie (sau nu?) pentru a se putea dispune obligarea autorului la plata de despăgubiri în conformitate cu prevederile art. 14 din O.U.G. nr. 100/2005
Numărul 6 Anul 2023
With respect to the damages caused by breaching industrial property rights, the extent to which the provisions of article 14 of OUG no. 100/2005 are also applicable when the deed is committed with fault, represent the object of a series of analysis in the legal literature and case law. The High Court of Cassation and Justice has answered this question in the affirmative. Given the complexity of the analysed problem, we deem it useful to draft ...
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