Articole de la același autor Avocat Florin SANDU

Florin SANDU este avocat în cadrul Baroului București, absolvent de master în domeniul arbitrajului internațional la Universitatea din București și al contractelor internaționale și al arbitrajului la Universitatea din Fribourg, Facultatea de Drept.
Protecţia finanţărilor intermediare în context de restructurare
Numărul 4 Anul 2023
This article examines the concept of privilege introduced in the Insolvency Law through legislative changes brought about by Law No. 216/2022 in the context of implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1023 of the European Parliament and the Council of 20 June 2019 on preventive restructuring frameworks and its relevant impact on new financiers and intermediaries in restructuring and preventive composition proceedings. Among other things, these l...
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Integrarea sustenabilităţii în serviciile financiare: Explorarea înţelegerilor locale, aplicabilitate și câteva obligaţii
Numărul 3 Anul 2023
At a time when sustainability is a topic of intense discussion in various fields, including the financial services sector, I note that there is a lack of material that provides a comprehensive introduction and perspective on this topic to guide us in our professional work. The purpose of this article is precisely to provide a little context and familiarise us with the concept of green finance: its origin, the sources of information available, ...
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De ce să ne restructurăm și să nu așteptăm insolvența?
Numărul 1 Anul 2023
In the context of last year’s amendments to Law 85/2014 on Insolvency and Insolvency Prevention Proceedings and Other Legislation („Insolvency Law”), inter alia, new instruments have been introduced providing companies in financial distress but viable with the opportunity to have access to effective preventive restructuring frameworks that enable them to operate in full or in part via measures such as adjusting the business, the asset and liab...
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