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Câteva observații critice în ceea ce privește asimilarea relației angajat-angajator cu relația operator de date – împuternicit al operatorului de date
The present study started from the recurrent observation that there is a confusion in practice between the relationship between an employer and employee on the one hand and the relationship between data controller and processor on the other. The confusion is not accidental and it is necessary to clarify this issue in the literature, because in the absence of a clear distinction, the consequences can be detrimental both in terms of professional...
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Avizul de angajare: chestiuni jurisprudenţiale și dificultăţi de interpretare
05 01 2022
In the context in which the labour market in Romania is facing one of the most difficult periods in recent years, the scarcity of human capital can represent a real danger regarding both the activity of large companies in Romania and the national economy. The increasingly flagrant lack of Romanian workers is conducive to the employees steering their attention to workers situated outside the European Union, not only because this alternative wo...
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Protecţia datelor personale în relaţiile de muncă. Consideraţii privind temeiul prelucrării
Work relationships are ubiquitous in the lives of any of us, especially since these relations actually cover any kind of relationship with a worker and even a service provider. Human resources departments are the most affected, actually or only potentially, by the General Data Protection Regulation („GDPR”). From modification of the job description to cases related to GDPR many issues relate to human resources management. Data processing can b...
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