Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: denunţare unilaterală

Încetarea contractului prin denunţare unilaterală: regulă sau excepţie?
The contract is the law of the parties. Thus, validly concluded, the contract has the force of law for the parties and therefore, in principle, cannot be terminated by the will of a certain party. The termination of the contract by unilateral termination is, however, one of the ways to terminate it, provided by the Civil Code. The paper proposes a brief analysis to answer the question: is unilateral termination a rule or is it an...
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Ruperea unilaterală a logodnei – aspecte teoretice și practice
Still questionable in terms of its legal nature (a legal act or a legal deed) and in the absence of relevant case-law on this matter, the engagement is seen nowadays as a social, moral and cultural relationship, with possible material legal consequences in the event of its unilateral termination. The exercise of the right to unilateral termination of the engagement for the purpose of causing excessive or unreasonable harm or damage, co...
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