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Aplicarea regulamentelor europene în domeniul securității cibernetice. Rolul Agenției Uniunii Europene pentru securitate cibernetică
We are living wonderful times; our life is gaining a new dimension: the digital world. But this new world needs rules and regulations, because the human being can not exist and develop outside a predictable environment. In this matter, privacy and security are the most important assets of the cyberspace. A great part of the economy, culture, entertainment, even religion has migrated in the online environment, so the institutions and authorities...
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Dreptul umanitar și protecţia datelor personale
The actions of major actors in humanitarian law are jeopardized by new technologies and personal data protection. Recent developments and trends are assessed from the perspective of international humanitarian law instruments, on the one hand, and international regulations, especially European ones, on the other. The article analyzes potential international effects of the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted in t...
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