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Particularităţi normative actuale în favoarea aplicării mecanismelor justiţiei restaurative pentru minori în sistemul procesual penal
Although the application of the specific mechanisms of restorative justice to conflict situations would present indisputable advantages, we will have to note that restorative justice is not a priority for the national legislator, an extended regulation can bring multiple advantages, including at the level of the judicial system. Constantly, at the level of all contemporary legal systems, clear efforts have been made to improve the clas...
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Conflictul de jurisdicții și conflictul de legi în materie de divorț, autoritate părintească și obligații de întreținere minor (Caz practic: U.S.A. și România)
The exponential growth in recent years of marriages or de facto unions between citizens from different countries or citizens having their regular residence in countries other than their country of origin, has inevitably led to a significant increase in trials concerning juvenile and family matters, characterized by the presence of one or more foreign elements. In this context, the national judicial authorities often face complex situations inv...
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Privire critică asupra cazurilor în care poate fi instituită tutela copilului conform art. 110 din actualul Cod civil
The idea of a study on this topic was inspired by the fact that in the specialized papers the analysis of the cases in which the guardianship of the child is required is usually summarized in the reproduction of the provisions of art 110 Civil Code. I consider that avoiding a thorough, systematic and systematic analysis of the provisions of art 110 Civil Code. It is impossible to establish the possible connections that exist or, better said, t...
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