Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: procese civile

Câteva considerații referitoare la impactul Decretului Președintelui României nr. 195 din 16 martie 2020 privind instituirea stării de urgență în derularea proceselor civile
The article analyzes the impact of the Decree of the President of Romania no. 195/2020 on civil proceedings, aspects enshrined in art. 41-42, and art. 44 respectively, of Annex 1. The analysis of these “legislative novelties” in the Romanian procedural landscape aims at identifying and proposing solutions that may lead in the near future to a consistent practice, while ensuring, even during this difficult period, a predictable civil trial....
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Problematica aplicării în timp a dispoziţiilor Codului de procedură civilă modificate/completate prin Legea nr. 310/2018
The enforcement in time of the civil procedural provisions modified by Law no. 310/2018 entails the need to rigorously identify the rules that circumscribe the paradigm in which one determines, on the one hand, the scope of the processes to which these changes are applicable, and, on the other hand, the moment from which their effects occur. Moreover, in relation to the content and nature of these changes, the question of the enforceme...
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