Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: răspundere

Răspunderea pentru fapta persoanei care beneficiază de consiliere judiciară sau tutelă specială în lumina dispoziţiilor Legii nr. 140/2022
Article 1372 of the Civil Code, as amended by the provisions of art. 7 point 67 of Law no. 140/2022, enshrines with principle value the establishment of an objective liability, independent of any form of guilt of the perpetrator, of the guardian who supervises the persons protected by judicial counseling or special guardianship. Through their behavior, often spontaneous, surprising, these categories of people represent a particular soci...
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Protecţia datelor în cadrul autorităţilor și organismelor publice în România
Data protection in Romania can be made in accordance with the status of the controller, meaning either public authority/body or private entity. Operators that are public authorities or bodies have specific rights and obligation, which sometimes are different from those of private entities. The national data protection authority shall have precise tasks with regard to public entities. All these provisions are laid down in national legis...
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