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Câteva observații critice în ceea ce privește asimilarea relației angajat-angajator cu relația operator de date – împuternicit al operatorului de date
The present study started from the recurrent observation that there is a confusion in practice between the relationship between an employer and employee on the one hand and the relationship between data controller and processor on the other. The confusion is not accidental and it is necessary to clarify this issue in the literature, because in the absence of a clear distinction, the consequences can be detrimental both in terms of professional...
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O jurisdicție a internetului: aplicarea teritorială a prevederilor RGPD în contextul platformelor digitale
This article discusses the territorial application of the provisions of the GDPR in the context of digital platforms made available by organizations outside the Union through an analysis of relevant CJEU case law and EDPB recommendations. In the introduction we have shown the main criteria for establishing the territorial application of GDPR, in section 2 we have analyzed the notion of headquarters in the context of GDPR, and in sections 3 and...
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