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Suveranitatea digitală a Europei – marea provocare europeană a deceniului: un nou cadru pentru accelerarea inovaţiei și a competitivităţii într-o superputere tehnologică
The terrible War in Ukraine calls into question something that many have long regretted: Europe’s historical acceptance of a secondary role on the world geostrategic map. The fatal context only promoted the word sovereignty, which continued to gain prominence until it became perhaps the most cited word in any meeting about the future of the continent. At first it seems clear that sovereignty comes from the people, but this question needs...
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Modernizarea justiţiei prin tehnologie
During the last decade, we are living under the influence of technology. Our activities are becoming more and more digitalized, and activities in the justice sector are no exception to this. However, compared to other fields, the representatives of the judiciary, being more conservative by nature of their occupation, often hesitate to accept or promote the use of technology. Thus, this article comes to support the effort to technol...
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