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Protecția consimțământului consumatorului prin intermediul dreptului de denunțare unilaterală a contractului
Numărul 5 Anul 2021
The right of withdrawal in consumer law is seen as a technique by which the legislature compensates the unequal balance of power at the time of concluding the contract by giving the consumer the opportunity to quietly examine the consequences of his purchase, to get information about the price of equivalent products or to consult with his family or his entourage, thus allowing the consolidation of consent. In point of legal nature, the right o...
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Scurte consideraţii cu privire la exercitarea abuzivă a dreptului de denunţare unilaterală a contractului cu executare succesivă
Numărul 6 Anul 2019
An exponent of unilateralism expansion in the field of contractual structure, the right to the unilateral denunciation of the contract brings into discussion the need to control its exercise from the perspective of the abuse of right, especially when it aims at a successive execution contract. On the other side, the inclusion of this extinctive prerogative into the category of protestative rights calls into question the admissibility of a pos...
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