Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: abuz de drept

Scurte consideraţii cu privire la exercitarea abuzivă a dreptului de denunţare unilaterală a contractului cu executare succesivă
06 01 2019
An exponent of unilateralism expansion in the field of contractual structure, the right to the unilateral denunciation of the contract brings into discussion the need to control its exercise from the perspective of the abuse of right, especially when it aims at a successive execution contract. On the other side, the inclusion of this extinctive prerogative into the category of protestative rights calls into question the admissibility of a pos...
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Ruperea unilaterală a logodnei – aspecte teoretice și practice
Still questionable in terms of its legal nature (a legal act or a legal deed) and in the absence of relevant case-law on this matter, the engagement is seen nowadays as a social, moral and cultural relationship, with possible material legal consequences in the event of its unilateral termination. The exercise of the right to unilateral termination of the engagement for the purpose of causing excessive or unreasonable harm or damage, co...
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