Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: contract de muncă

Câteva observații critice în ceea ce privește asimilarea relației angajat-angajator cu relația operator de date – împuternicit al operatorului de date
The present study started from the recurrent observation that there is a confusion in practice between the relationship between an employer and employee on the one hand and the relationship between data controller and processor on the other. The confusion is not accidental and it is necessary to clarify this issue in the literature, because in the absence of a clear distinction, the consequences can be detrimental both in terms of professional...
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Scurte consideraţii asupra art. 294 alin. (5^1) din Legea nr. 1/2011 a educaţiei naţionale
Last year the Romania Law on National Education was updated by the Government Ordinance no. 9/2018 on the amendment and completion of normative acts in the field of education. The additions include the provision that the fixed-term employment contract between a university and an assistant lecturer – concluded on the basis of a competition, in which the employment standards specific to the position were met – is transformed into an employment ...
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