Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: inadmisibilitate

Reflecții asupra nulității parțiale a actului juridic civil – aspecte substanțiale și procesuale (I)
This study aims to approach some aspects specific to the legal proceedings in which the partial nullity of a legal act / contract is requested, mainly those related to establishing the essential or determining character of the clause allegedly affected by nullity, a determining character that must exist a priori, at the time of the conclusion of the act, for both contracting parties, not just for one of them, in order to prevent partial nullit...
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Inadmisibilitatea acţiunii în întoarcerea executării silite îndreptate împotriva creditorului popritor pe motivul desfiinţării titlului executoriu din dosarul în care a validat poprirea, în condiţiile existenţei unei hotărâri irevocabile de validare a popririi
This commentary seeks to highlight a number of issues related to the impossibility of requesting the de jure abolition of an attachment and the restitution of the retained amounts through a future action, provided that there is a final (in this case irrevocable) decision to validate the attachment, not abolished by the specific means of appeal, a decision that constituted the enforceable title of the third party who executed the amount subject...
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